Favourite item of clothing

Hey everyone, today’s post is about what item of clothing is my favourite and I can’t live without…hence the title.

So I guess you’re wondering what the item is, and as obvious as this item of clothing is, I just can’t seem to go a week without having to wear them a couple of times.

SKINNY JEANS. Yes I know, pretty boring, but jeans are literally my life. my go-to outfit is a pair of high waisted jeans and a really baggy t-shirt.

I only own four pairs of skinny jeans, pale blue, acid wash, burgundy and black, and i can honestly say I wear jeans ALL the time. It makes my outfits sound really boring, and to most people they probably are, but I like them which is all that matters I guess.

They are my favourite item in my wardrobe at the moment because they are comfy, and they are always in fashion.

There is obviously the odd occasion where I wear something other then jeans, like a skater skirt, shorts, leggings, or whatever else, but I feel most comfortable in jeans.

What is your favourite item of clothing, and why?


Apologies for my absence

Hey everyone, just a quickie; I know I have been absent for a very very long time, and you’re probably wondering where I have been…

Well first of all, we moved house late October, into a house that needs a lot of work and an extension, so as you can imagine, it was a stressful month for the whole family, we were thankful for all of the help we received, however it was still very tiresome.

We didn’t have internet, TV or a phone line for a few weeks after moving in, so it was impossible for me to post then. 

As well as moving house, I had a few controlled assessments and school has been pretty hectic!

I promise I will make some more blog posts soon, thank you for baring with me :)


tips on tidying your bedroom

I hate tidying my room, and the majority of the time my bedroom is a tip, so here are a few tips on how you can make tidying your bedroom less painful!

  1. make a playlist filled with your favourite tunes and play them whilst tidying.
  2. start by putting away clothes that are scattered around your room, and if there are any clothes that you no longer wear or no longer fit you, either bin them, sell them, or give them to a local charity shop
  3. next tidy your desks, worktops, window sills etc.
  4. if there is any sweet wrappers, or rubbish, bin them. Or if you have any mugs, or plates from eating and drinking in your bedroom, return them to the kitchen!
  5. change your bed sheets, duvet and pillow covers.
  6. give your room a hoover!

Your room should be tidy now, and to keep your room tidy, give it a spring clean once a week :)

Moving house

As you can probably tell by the title, I am moving house. Including this next move, I have moved house three times in my life, and for someone who thought they would live in the same house throughout their childhood, and up until they were old enough to go and live on their own, moving three times in the space of almost 15 is a shock, and not a particularly good one.

So the first move was the biggest and worst. I was ten (nearly eleven). It was the summer holidays, we left school a week early to go on holiday, I said goodbye to my friends thinking that I would see them in September when we went to year 6, not thinking I was never going to see them again. I was completely oblivious that my family were looking at houses to move into on the internet, and that they were working out how much value the house was worth. I was going through a rough patch with my friends, but I could never have imagined leaving them. I had two best friends at school, we were like the three musketeers, and then I had a best friend from out of school who lived next door to me, which was ideal because we used to go into town together and eat garlic bread in the small cafe, and then go round the rubbish shops. It was strange to think that my life there would be a distant memory four years later, and all but one of my best friends were just people that I used to know. I never got to say goodbye to any of my friends, apart from the one who lived next door to me, who I still catch up with now and again, however the rest I don’t speak to and no longer know. The house we lived in was lovely, and to this day my favourite house of all time, and whenever my family mentioned moving house, I would just burst into tears.

We moved house around a week before school, and I was VERY nervous about going to my new school, the house was about an hour away from where I used to live, the house was big, with blue windows and a disgusting yellow kitchen, two attic rooms and a cellar, scary huh? the house was nice but cold, and full to the brim with little mice, who pooed everywhere and managed to eat through my purse!? We lived there for two years, and then it was time to move again…

We moved to a house about ten minutes away, I had already started high school, and moving into year 8. This house was quite nice, it had a large garden, with a stable and a studio, the house was quite small but cosy, and christmas was lovely there. We have lived there almost two years aswell, but now we are moving again, somewhere about five minutes away, the house it tiny and the garden is large, but we will have to build and extension on the house.

Sadly, I will have to start packing my trash in boxes and getting ready to move, which was something I was getting a little too familiar with over the past four years, I am just hoping we will stay in this house now, I would hate it if we ever moved again.

Things would have been easier if we had stayed in the first house I was talking about, my favourite house, then I wouldn’t have had to make new friends, I would have had to leave my life behind, and I would have lived close to family, because family was what i missed most, all of my aunt’s, uncles, grandparents and cousins.

But I guess things don’t always turn out the way you think they will. But I am happy, and I am not blaming my family for how everything has turned out, I don’t resent them for making me move, I just wish we had stayed in that beautiful house.

Collection – Big fake ultimate false lash effect mascara – Review

Today I am reviewing Collection’s (I know it was originally collection 2000 but I believe it has changed to collection from now on) Big fake ultimate false lash effect mascara, retailed at £5.99, I think it is a reasonable price, however, I managed to bag this product at £3.99 because superdrug have reduced all of ‘collection’s products to under £4, I am not too sure how long this offer will last, but I do know that the offer is still on!

Anyway, when I tried the product, I only had to apply one coat and my eyelashes looked thick and voluminous, however they did not look like false lashes. I applied a second and third coat, but after the third, my eyelashes began to get clumpy and looked like spiders legs…

However, the product is very good, it gives your lashes a boost and it such a great price for what it does. I don’t think it is one of the best mascara’s ever, but it would be in my top five. To be honest I was not expecting much from this product but now I wear it everyday, although I do not rate it for having a false lash effect, I think this mascara is good for those who have thin lashes and would like them to appear thick and voluminous.

If you would like your lashes to look long, thick and voluminous, I would use this product along with another mascara that makes your eyelashes appear longer maybe, or, if that doesn’t work for you, maybe you should just go for the falsies themselves!

Overall a great product, I would give it 4 stars out of 5.




hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posts :/

All I can say is, thank god its summer! school gets very tedious, especially when it is 25 odd degrees.

The only problem is, it has been such lovely warm weather during school time, but now that we have broken up for summer is has gone cloudy and dropped about 5 degrees? That’s just sods law! 

Hopefully it will heat up again during next week, maybe then I can get a tan :D

For all of those who are going abroad over the summer holidays, bon voyage, I am very jealous. 

I’m hoping this summer will be filled with fun activities with family and friends, and I will also be posting some summer themed blog posts, they will mainly be fashion, style, and beauty based

I would also like you to tell me what you will be getting up to over the summer holidays.

have a good summer!

Gosh eyebrow kit review

hey everyone, today I went shopping on the search for some form of wax, or eyebrow kit for grooming and filling my brows.

I was in superdrug and came across gosh eyebrow kit, which retails at £8.49, they had an offer on, where if you buy the kit, you get a free eyeliner worth £6.49, so i couldn’t just leave it there, could I?

I have been looking for something to sort out my brows for a long time now, and eventhough it sounds pretty pathetic, it has been a struggle! Most products that I have used haven’t helped or worked, and this may sound strange, but the reason why, is because the ends of my brows flick out, and they are rather curly, freaky right?

So I was hoping that using the gosh eyebrow kit might help. The kit it contains 3 colours, one fair, one medium and one dark, for filling your brows, some wax for putting your eyebrows into shape, and then a two ended brush, one side with a small angled brush, and the other end was just a small eyeshadow applicator brush.

So first of all what you so is fill in your brows using the small angled brush with the colour that suits your brows best, and then you groom your brows with the other end of the brush and wax.

And guess what!? It worked! 

you only need a small amount of wax to shape your brows, and then you’re good to go. It kept my eyebrows in shape for the majority of the day and I am happy with my purchase, and I would recommend it to anyone who struggles to shape their brows, if you are a beginner there is an instruction manual provided, with step by step instructions on how to use it.

The only thing I would say is that I would only use the angled side of the brush for filling and grooming my brows, the other side of the brush applicator is not very good. But on the whole the product is very good and I am very pleased with it!

I will add a photo of the product soon I promise! 

just a quickie!

Hey everyone,

I haven’t posted for a while now, because I have been on holiday in france :)

I would have said before my departure but it was a very late booking and was a bit of a surprise, so I didn’t even have 10 minutes to let you know! I hope you didn’t think I had abandoned you…

Anyway, school is finishing in a few weeks…YAY! So during the summer there will be plenty of summer posts about various topics.

What do you like most about summer?

Is it the british weather?…No, I didn’t think so either :(

Is it the summery dresses you get to wear?

Is it wearing sunglasses and hats?

getting a tan?

going somewhere exotic on holiday?

spending time with friends and family?

Well, whatever it is, let me know!



hey everyone, this blog post is a little different from the usual, today I am going to be talking about stress.

I get stressed over most things, and worry about literally everything! no matter how hard I try not to worry about things, I just can’t stop, sometimes I stress about things without even realising!

I sometimes get stressed when I am trying to get to sleep because that is the time when I get to think, so I think about things that make me stressed, then when i eventually fall asleep i grind my teeth without knowing. I also suffer from really bad jaw problems, and this is because of stress. I can’t open my mouth really far because my jaw kind of locks and hurts, it also clicks a lot and I struggle with chewing on foods and sometimes I am in lots of pain, and it is all because of stress, how bad is that!?

Worrying about things does not solve anything, and neither does stress, and it is known that most things you get stressed about, never even happen.

There are so many people across the globe that get stressed like I do, but stress doesn’t help you, it just holds you back.

However there are so many organisations and foundations that you can turn to for help, if you search ‘stress’ you will see that there are so many websites containing tips and tricks to prevent stress and anxiety. most of them have numbers you can call, so that you can talk to someone about it if you need help, they will offer you useful help and advice. here are some good websites:




I also have a couple of tips that will help to deal with stressed, these tips may not help everybody, but even if it helps one person I will be happy!

  1. create a stress journal - a stress journal is where, whenever you get stressed you can write in the stress journal, no one has to read it, but it is just for if you have no one to talk to, you can write in there and reflect on what you were stressed about, and how you responded to it.
  2. remember that most things you stress about don’t even happen - if the things you stress about don’t always happen, then there is no need to be stressed about it, I know its easier said then done, but whenever you get stressed about anything, always say to yourself that there is a very small chance that whatever you are stressed about will happen
  3. say ‘it’s just…’ – you’re probably confused about what on earth I mean, this is something that I use all the time. whenever you get stressed about something, say ‘it’s just’ before saying it, as you know I am bad at explaining things so I apologise if you don’t understand, here is an example: if you are stressed about a test that is coming up, say to yourselfit’s just a test’ or, if you are stressing about a speech that you have to do, just say to yourself ‘it’s just a speech’ it may sound stupid, but it has really helped me out.

These are the things that i use day to day and they help for me. Like I said they may not work for everybody, because everyone is different! I hope these tips helped you out, if you have any other tips, leave a comment down below :)